Gandhigiri…What a way to remember the old man!!!


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  1. Sharique Says:

    I wonder why people are so narrow minded in their perspectives..being choosy and thus selecting those which appeals to their senses and in the process they malign innocent people like the Gandhi..anyway i hope gandhigiri is the next buzz word πŸ™‚

  2. Polite Indian Says:

    I hope so too… and also it is about time Gandhigiri became the mantra of the day!

  3. atlantean Says:

    Well, I think Gandhi’s ideals are very noble but impractical in a world where everyone’s looking for a reason to kill each other but I agree – “Ignore what you don’t like about him and adopt what you like. ” Brilliantly put! There are good things about Gandhi which people should like, for example, his phenomenal determination and stamina πŸ˜€

  4. Sandeep Shilawat Says:

    I am not a Gandhian but am always amazed by the out of box thinking he employed while coming up with non-violance, civil dis-obediance, self rule …

    About the movie, the movie is good. The best part about the movie was, its way to tell Gandhian values.. Funny, simple and understandable to most of the Indian audience. No strings attached … That was biggest strength of Gandhi himself. He always spoke in very simple language. Yet very effective !

    The slap Munna hits to the watchman after taking two slaps from him… That did the trick for me! It meant show enough patience for the aggressor. Then bapu explains why he wants to take two slaps. Its a moral value and it needs to be applied with the context Gandhi had in mind. I also loved the girl dating a boy and leaves him as he shushs… the waiter. GRAND !

    Lets keep in mind no value of principal has blanket applicability unless we use it be proper context. Gandhian values were eroding as people could not find them applicable in todays world. They back to this dude Munna. Gandhi redfined courage. Munna reminded me of it.

    I am trying build courage myself ! I can tell you for self experience.. Its damn hard. Lot harder than abusing somebody or hitting him …. Damn you Munna!

    Everyt time I fail I call Gandhian values old, usless and make peace with myself. I plan to keep trying.. You all should try and let me know.. could you do it?

  5. Polite Indian Says:

    I wouldn’t say impractical but very difficult indeed πŸ™‚

    I guess we all must keep trying in their own way! One day we might succeed in doing just that!

  6. Krishworld Politics » Blog Archive » Gandhi Jayanthi Says:

    […] In a nutshell, Gandhigiri is Gandhism in the new economy. From a purist point of view, it is downright stupid. But in a pragmatic view, it is ok because these dumb fools get into the Gandhian path at least for fashion sake. Even though I would like to stand with Gaurav on this issue, I am standing on the side of Polite Indian and Rajesh for pragmatic reasons. Keeping up with Fashion, lemme end this post with the slogan for new economy. ie. […]

  7. pallavi Says:

    hence i have not seen munna bhai yet and also im not follower of gandhian thought but when i was in school we had ncrt books in which on the very first page some lines from gandhi ji had written… those lines have a good impact on me

  8. Apun Ka Desh Says:

    If you love Autobio’s – pick up – My Experiments With Truth – which is actually a very interesting book. Quite amusing and not-philosophical types.

  9. Polite Indian Says:

    Apun Ka Desh:
    I have read My Experiments With Truth in bits and pieces. The book is available online at many websites. One such website is

  10. How Do We Know Says:

    Re. that criticism that he used to force other people to do things.. how do you explain his insistence that Netaji Bose should not be the COngress president even though he was the elected winner?
    Or the fact that though Patel had earned the right to be the first PM of India, nehru was made the first PM?
    Or the fact that India was forced to pay 50 lakhs( a princely sum at the time) to pakistan, when all of us knew the money will be used to wage thewar in Kashmir?
    These are not family matters. The man erred big time.

    And he did not get us our independence alone. he just did one smart thing – he hit the British where it hurt the most – financially. He expunged their cloth market in India, got rid of the salt tax, and in other subtle ways, made it impossible for the British to run this colony profitably.

  11. Polite Indian Says:

    How do we know:

    One can debate every point that you have raised and there can be arguments for both sides but that is not the point of this post.
    Also no one is claiming that he alone was responsible for independence.

    The point of the post is…You will find enough good things about this man to employ in your personal life. From a personal viewpoint you can chose what to follow and what not to ! That’s why I said in the post β€œIgnore what you don’t like about him and adopt what you like. ”

  12. Ashok Says:

    Hello “How Do We Know “-

    First, don’t ignore what he did or teachs, just because he *may* have made some mistakes.

    Having said that, I believe, Gandhiji was a brilliant strategist.

    You should see the film on Bose to recognize what ablunder it was in trying to get Hitler/German to help to win war against India. We would have gone from being ruled by Britain to being ruled by Germany, had that worked. Think for a moment, if Hitler and India had won the war.

    Let’s talk about giving 50 lacs to Pakistan. Just imagine, if we were friends with Pakistan. In fact when Gandhiji failed to convince Nehru/Patel to not accept freedom if divison was the pre-condition (he offered Jinnah as the first prime minister to British, which was unacceptable to Nehru/Patel), this was the next attempt. Again just imagine a friendly neighbor, no wars (three of them), a huge percentage of gdp spent on miltary and the list goes on.

    I wouldn’t call these two a mistake.

    Gandhigiri or what I call “bapugiri” (as opposed to dadagiri πŸ™‚ Jindabad!

  13. Polite Indian Says:


    So finally you were able to find my blog πŸ™‚

    Good to see you post a comment here πŸ™‚

  14. Sandeep Shilawat Says:

    How do we know?

    All your points are valid and debatable. What is important at this stage is to remember what he left for us?

    He left us country (only country) in the subcontinent which has remained democratic. He left for the world concept of non-violence which was used by Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela…. George W Bush Jr. He is the only world reknowned Indian leader.

    Did he make mistakes? Of course he did. Did he play tricks? Of course he did.

    He was a very shrude person. A very able leader. To make 10 people follow you is a very difficult task…. His hunger strikes made world to take notice.

    We have option of using his teachings or criticise them. Criticism will not get anything , learning what you like may get add value to your life.

    Think about that

  15. Ashok Says:

    Polite Indian- My pleasure πŸ™‚

  16. Revathi Says:

    As a teenager, my father who is from Tamilnadu learned the urdu script in order to get a signed letter from Gandhi. Such was the power of Gandhi’s personality during his lifetime. He was able to unite and provide spiritual guidance to the whole India in a way no one else before him did. He had the courage to say “satyameva jayate” and maintain that ideal in his life! I have friends from South Africa who are mad that he didnt stay back there and fight for their cause. He could have changed Africa if he wanted- he chose India.

  17. Polite Indian Says:


    No doubt Gandhi has done what no other could do.
    But the question is are his principles relevant today and I think some of them are very relevant and in fact necessary to be followed.

  18. opinionated indian Says:

    Readers of this post might find this interesting as well.

    Gandhigiri in today’s day and age

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