The Blog has moved


The blog has moved it its own domain at

During the move I have merged both my blogs i.e Funny Indian and Polite Indian into one.

Please update your bookmarks and point to the new address.

Please change your feed readers to get the feeds from these locations from now.

Hope you like the new place and decide to stick around.

BTW, I will close the comments on each post and eventually delete the content of each post with a link to the content in the new blog.


4 Responses to “The Blog has moved”

  1. linkmedia Says:

    I recommend to visit :

    Site abaut maximazing blog utility.

    To Admin : May I asking for blogroll?

  2. Amit Says:

    PI: The new site looks good, though IMO color combination, font color, font size etc. of this site are more readable.

    Also, it’ll be nice if the “Recent comments’ on the new site can be formatted like ‘Recent Posts’ – right now, all the comments are a big blur and it’s not easy to differentiate them, as it is here.


  3. Polite Indian Says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I will try to see if the recent comments could be formatted. I may try out a few more themes.

  4. lizbethdillon28958 Says:

    I recall such an index…unfortunately I found it about two years ago and have completely forgotten all about it. I will update you when I find it again Click

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