Corporal Punishment – Why is it needed at all?

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11 Responses to “Corporal Punishment – Why is it needed at all?”

  1. Charles Says:

    I agree, corporal punishment, though thought to be a good idea, gets taken too far.
    People believe that no matter what happens to a Student, They will have to suffer the consequences, at least in America. This however, causes many problems to manifest between teachers and Students, for the Teachers cannot take any means to directly Punish a student. Once these tensions grow, people take a minor incident and cause it to inflate to something that leaves lasting effects.
    If I am thinking correctly in what they mean by “scale,” then it was a triple-beam Balance. If this is so then thats clearly going to leave effects, since they are no where near light.
    I understand that Corporal Punishment can be beneficiary to both Students and Teachers, However, it has no place in the School Enviornment because incidents like the one with Munir can and will happen. Its impossible for them not to. So yes, Corporal Punishment may have a positive side, but all of the Potential risks are far too great.

  2. Girija Says:

    I think punishments are necessary but not to this extent.wooden scale can be used rather than canes to prevent injury

  3. pegasus Says:

    most pvt schools have banned corporal punishment.. so i think things are changing

  4. Polite Indian Says:

    I hope to see a legislation banning it and making it a crime punishable by law in all the states. Right now it is only few states but I take heart in the fact that things are changing. Albeit at a slower pace than I would have wanted to.

  5. pegasus Says:

    where did my comment go???????

  6. Polite Indian Says:

    Which comment? There is one above my comment. Did you write another one? I checked the spam folder as well. there is no other comment from you.
    BTW, my blog has been behaving funny recently. Yesterday I lost all my settings of the sidebar widgets and today I don’t see politeindian as my blog on my dashboard. Wierd!!

  7. pegasus Says:

    i had given reuter’s a link about malnutrition and sexual exploitation of Indian kids.

  8. Srivathsa Says:

    No one has the right to hit a child. Can someone punch me just because he is getting angry with me? The same principle holds.

    What does it teach a child. That if you are big and powerful, you can go around beating other people? Or if you get angry you can pick up whatever is nearby and start hitting the other person with it?

    I understand that teachers can get frustrated. Better to give a child a “time-out” by asking him or her to go to a corner and just sit for a few minutes.

    As a principle, I never hit my two boys. They are still very well behaved. They have their moments, but we just ask them to sit quietly in a corner for 4 or 5 minutes.

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