Nandigram – Shameful!

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  1. Santanu Says:

    The villagers are doll(as always in W.B.) in the hand of political parties, no exception is Nandigra. I remember few years back one evening, on my way from Chandipur to Nandigram, I came across a gang ( party caders) who stopped buses on the roads to protest against war in Iraq. The same villages are under darkness even now without electricty and they never even ask for it. Only reason I brought this comparison is to highlight the very fact of life of villagers in Nandigram. They are always manipulated in hand of political partis whose leadrs are our so called ministers or opponent leaders.

    Currently Seth’s (MP from Haldia) gundas along with the local CPM cadres and some people support CPM blindly are trying to attack villagers. TMC call them outseiders. On the other hand TMC supporters are also using arms to protest them. The other impotant player here are some of muslim fanatic who use this opportunity to show their mussle power and they as always are the main source of arms for TMC supporters. Media should ask this question to Govt, how these people able to acquire arms and getting constant supply of arms.

    Most of the media in india always lacks the basic understanding of the situation. They always highlighting the fact how trinamul and CPM wants to reolve the problem in Nandigram. The fact is both the parties are led by people who does not have sensitivity regarding life of villagers and are least interested to solve the real issue and bringing normalcy there. The media could have played a bigger role by pointing out the real issue which they failed as expected.

    The need of the moment at Nandigram is that the parties should stop encoraging their own agenda. Will they do it themselves? No, as i have explained earlier.

    The villagers wont be able to do that independently and so from Goverment need to take steps to force political parties to restrain from encouarging poor villagers to kill each other.

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