If you don’t like it here…then go back

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5 Responses to “If you don’t like it here…then go back”

  1. Krish Says:

    Unfortunately, this is the typical hypocrisy that is predominant in the human race.

  2. Revathi Says:

    yes, it does make people go back and forth..

  3. Sandeep Shilawat Says:

    What she said is a poster of public morals. Its offensive but real. It will takes ages to get over this.

  4. Thiagan Says:


    BJP is right that it is a casual remark and should not be exaggerated, merely to malign BJP; Shilpa Shetty case is different and Jade Goody made a torrential remarks with a clear racist overtones. Secularists, with an inherent anti Hindu, bias can not make the distinction. The Mumbai electorate saw through the secularist game and voted Sena BJP combine back to power

  5. Polite Indian Says:


    It might be a casual remark and I don’t mean to exaggerate it malign anybody. What I am trying to say is that even such a casual remark exposes the prejudices that one has. No matter how much we try to play it down, one cannot just ignore it.

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