Bharat Punarnirman Dal (BPD) – Update

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  1. Ashwini Tyagi Says:


    Thanks for publishing the information. I am member of Lok Paritran and would like to contact you. email me at


  2. sunil shrama Says:

    Finally things started towards making india a countary free from dirty politics and i want to be part of it.

    my self a scientist in DRDO and an exIITan from UP.i request you to please send me info so that i can contact to the president of BPD and other.
    I wish all the best to BPD.


    sunil sharma

  3. Raghavendra Says:

    Hi …

    Am from Bangalore.Am very keen to take up activities here…need 2 know how & whr 2 begin with…
    i can b reached on


  4. BPD - Good luck guys ! « Reality Check India Says:

    […] on the January 22nd, 2007 A group of former IIT students have formed a new political party called BPD (Bharat Punarnirman Dal). Blogger Polite Indian has even established phone contact with the […]

  5. Ashwini Tyagi Says:

    Hi All,

    Whoever want to contact BPD and actively participate in BPD activities, can email me at


  6. Vikram Singh Says:


    I need the email id of Mr. Ajit Shukla.So i can write to him directly.

    Vikram Singh

  7. Sachin Jain Says:

    I need the email id of Ajit Shukla or some one from the top hierarchy of Bharat Punarnirman Dal/India Regeneration Group.
    I suggest this Party to start with the ground level starting from Delhi’s MCD Elections to be held on 5h April 2007

  8. achal khanna Says:

    It is the middle class in any society yhat is most radical and becomes the tool of revolution .I agree in general with the basic idea behind such a party and I would say that it is better to initiate rather than be passive spokeperson.In this respect I will say that all criticism against such an idea is welcome only so long as it is from people who believe in action and not just in great ideas with no implementation

  9. Vinaya Says:


    I am happy to hear that the BPD has initiated a process that is need of this hour. I would appreciate, if the leaders of BPD can go through the proposal at This could be useful in Punarnirman of India. I will be joining this party very soon.

    Thanks & regards,

  10. Vinaya Says:


    In my previous comment, the URL of proposal was not correctly typed. Here is correct one

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Amrish Sharma Says:

    dear all
    it is nice opening and i want to join BPD .Iam a computer network engineer in Patni Group.ples mail me

  12. vinay1340 Says:

    Please visit to log your comments on how to transform a state in best state.

  13. Satyendra Veer Vikram Says:

    Hi, its a great great innovation towards the refinement of political culture. It shall dump all the efforts to divide our society and the integrity of the nation…..
    Best Wishes….

  14. Abhishek Dhulia Says:

    Hello Chandni,

    I am a journalist and currently associated with NHK- Japan Broadcasting Corporation ( The only Japanese News Channel functioning in India.

    I would like to seek more information about the Bharat Punarnirman Dal and its mentor Mr. Ajit Shukla. It’s great to see people coming forward to fight issues like corruption in the Indian polity.

    I would be thankful if you provide me the e-mail address and contact number of Mr. Shukla.

    take care
    Abhishek Dhulia

  15. rakesh mohan chaturvedi Says:

    I am co-ordinating the elections for the Times of India from Lucknow. I am the Lucknow Correspondent for TOI. Need Ajit Ashwalayan Shukla, the national president.
    Kindly oblige.

  16. B Shantanu Says:

    Ashwini, others…

    I have been trying to get in touch with BPD/ LP and others but without much success… See this:

    If anyone here knows how to get in touch with the leadership, please let me know/ email me at jai DOT dharma AT gmail DOT com



    hello friend….
    long time there was no right platform for student…after J.P- movement.
    first of all i thanks to Mr.AJIT SHUKLA JEE… provide a political manch for student….who have a dreem to change the INDIA…Who have passion….

    B.Tech-( manufacturing & information-technology)

    i wants to union the BPD…unit in bihar…plz contect me…..09985121346

  18. vineet Says:

    inquilab zindabad

    happy 2 see ur needs guys like u……but keep 1 thing in mind…changes doesnt come overnight…we hve 2 fought thruout our life……r u ready for that….if yes then isse badkar aur koi baat hai hi nahi…….bcozzzzzz mahnat hamesha rang laati hai


    over there u ll get lot of contacts

  19. ankur bajpai Says:

    i want to be part of ur dal ..mysel is too a very strong supporter of the same cause as ur…i too want to uproot these polticians who exploit us in everys field…..WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD OF INDIAN POLITICS

  20. Sachin Arya Says:


    Iam a Chemical Engineer working abroad since 3 years. Iam keen to come back to India and Join BPD and make India free of corruption.

    Can u please give me the contact information of BPD

  21. kiran Says:

    are these people crazy or what? This party lok paritran started in 2005, and got split in to another party?
    Which one any one can trust..? If everyone is working for the same cause (doing something good for the country) why do they split leave bad impression on both of them among the educated community(If at all some one cares about these parties, they are educated community only)?

  22. B Shantanu Says:


    You will find this update on LP, BPD and BM interesting (and thought-provoking):

    I look forward to your thoughts and comments

  23. Vinaya Singh Says:

    Open letter to Indians,

    I am really looking for the people like you who can help in revolting against the faulty democratic system in India. I also need support to move forward the issue of corruption and request our people to concentrate first on “Bhrastachar Mitao, Bharat Bachao (remove corruption, save the India)”. This is a very big obstacle in development of our country.

    A true taste of democracy…….

    I remember one instance when I was working in one of the fifty states of United States of America (USA). There was a function organized in the gymnasium of my daughter’s high school. The gym was packed with teachers, students and their parents/guardians, and there were many people sitting on the floor of the gym due to lack of spaces. I was surprised to find that the governor, the head of the state, and his wife were sitting together on the naked floor, just beside me as general persons, and then I realized the taste of the true democracy in US. The governor’s daughter was one of the participants in the function and his visit was a low profile personal visit in the function. Therefore he didn’t get any better attention than the general public. At the end of the function, the organizers thank the governor for his presence and when he was leaving the place, children rushed to him to get his autograph. We also would like to see India in that position and I am always dreaming for that.

    A story of my district man…..

    In one of my encounters with a resident of my district Ballia in UP, India, I found that that resident was unhappy because of behaviors of DM of Ballia. This was because DM wasn’t handling his complaint properly. He reported that DM treated him in-humanly and shouted on him because he pointed out the DM’s mistakes and faults. The DM took it heartily since his ego was hurt and didn’t solve the resident’s problem. This should not happen in democratic state. A citizen has right in a democratic state to argue and correct the government official for his/her mistakes. A citizen is eligible to check the accountability of DM and not only MLAs, MPs or DM’s bosses. Rather than inhumanly treating the general public, the DM should correct himself/herself and apologize, if he/she is wrong. My district-man explained beautifully that in a democratic structure, he is one of the bosses of DM, Chief Minister (CM) or even Governor and has right to direct and govern them. I asked him how? He described as DM bends to CM, ministers or politicians because they are DM’s boss. Also, politicians help in appointing the governors. CM, ministers, politicians and public representatives bend to general public for getting the votes. Since he is part of a general public, thus is indirectly the boss of DM. I was stunned by the analogy given by my district man. But does this really work in India or will work in India, is a million rupees question. Do politicians and bureaucrats allow the democracy to work like this in India? This would be an ideal democracy which we would like to see happen one day in India. We listen in political rallies where politicians regarding public as their god and say they are there to serve them, but this could be only a gimmick, or trick and tactic to please the public and rule them. In real life, they don’t think so.

    My efforts….

    I am trying hard to pursue some reforms in UP for the benefits of the general public and have contacted many leaders of various parties for this purpose. Based on the meetings with some of them, I finally realized that most of them are there for their welfare and not for the state’s welfare. They didn’t have any interest in businesses of UP to change it, but their only interest and aim is to earn the money by any means (hook or crook). Based on the conversation of the head of the various parties, I concluded that they want to implement the policies that will suit for their aim and them to grab the power. The sad thing is that only that kind of people has charisma to pull the crowd and has influence on most of the village public in UP. I have been tired of with my efforts with these leaders. Only few are there who really care but they aren’t so influential. We desperately need crowd puller people who believe in “To Give and Not to Take” and can easily motivate the villagers. Most of the public who can decide the fate of a government live in villages and these leaders grab power because they are able to easily manipulate the villagers. Based on my research, I found that the main issue/concern which stalls the development in UP and elsewhere in India is corruption and we need a motto: “Bhrastachar Mitao, Bharat Bachao” (remove the corruption, save the India).

    Thanks & Regards,

  24. Polite Indian Says:


    I appreciate your sincere efforts to pursue reforms in UP. However, like everything this needs to be done with planning. Otherwise all the energy gets wasted and frustration creeps in.
    Let us know what exactly you are trying to do and maybe we can help. Have you set up some kind of organization? What is the charter? What are your plans? Once you answer these questions then only someone can help in a concrete way.


    I will comment after reading your post.

  25. Vinaya Singh Says:

    Dear Polite India,

    It was great to hear you. I am pursuing reforms in UP and was in contact with some of the politicians. Few points of reforms are mentioned in my research paper at I have floated an organization for this purpose and name of the organization is “S. N. Singh Welfare and Education Society”. Few others readers have also asked on how to support and below is my response:

    Dear Readers & PI,

    You can help in this cause many ways. You may spread the word in our fellow Indians to change their mind-set of assuming lok-sevaks as VIP and treat them as equal. These lok-sevaks are public servants and they are there to serve and not to oblige us, and demand respect from them. My research shows that Media also support in making lok-sevaks a VIP and don’t involve in educate the public of their rights. I was surprised to hear from many villagers that DM is their big Hakim (Malik/master) and they are his servants. They can’t do anything against to annoy him and this reminds me the British rule. I have written to Media to educate public and awake the people on many occasions but for them I found always no-news is news. They are mostly busy in boasting few cricketers, politicians and film stars in the news. Their news runs around these VIPs and brilliant and great people like Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Simgh Yadav, Mayavati, Rahul Gandhi etc. The reason behind most of the parties surviving regular divide is that, looks like, those parties have only one person, the head of the respective parties, as greatest and most educated leader. If we get more educated in a party, it may surely be divided into the pieces.

    Dear Readers & PI, you may also contribute creating a welfare society and educating the public. I am doing so via the organization “S. N. Singh Welfare and Education Society”. There are many government institutions that are mainly established to look into corruption cases but they aren’t yet so effective since corruption is there too, but there are ways to control the corruption. Government must make it compulsory to audit the bank accounts and properties of government servants and elected members including their family members every year to check the corruption. If their earnings found more than their sources of incomes, they must not be let go Scot free in any circumstances. We need effective anti-corruption system that every day monitors the day to day activities of government officials and elected representatives. Even the DMs in serious cases are just getting the transfer as punishment, but they should be dismissed from duty immediately, if they are either found involved or unable to check the corruption. The NGO can be involved in controlling the corruption by help of their sting operations based on public complaints, and net the officials red-handed. These operations should take place every day at every level viz. Village, Block, Tehasil and District. Government need to assign budget for these NGOs.

    Apart from above, we certainly need help of general public. The readers of this site can spread the words to politicians and well-wishers of India, “Bhrastachar Mitao, Bharat Bachoa”. They should tell the owners of India and influential persons to first work on removal of the corruption and later think of any other policies. It’s my opinion that for the political parties, corruption is not an issue and they have other preferences over it to work. They could have some reason behind it.

    A point to debate, “Do lok-sevaks really need Lal Battee (Red light) and Neelee Battee (Blue Light) on their cars in India to serve the general public?” I heard time to time that the government is distributing theses Battees like revadi to lok-sevaks to serve better way to public and become a real servant of general public. Isn’t it a status symbol in India?

    Thanks & Regards,

  26. vipin sharma Says:

    i m Vipin sharma from Udaipur(rajasthan).i m very keen to take part in BPD’s activity and I want to join BPD pls tell me from where i should start.
    pls mail me on-

  27. Mahesh Patil Says:

    hello everyone,

    People interested in joining BPD they and wish to contact anyone in the party here is the party’s website

    Mahesh Pramod Patil
    NWC- Member
    Bharat Punarnirman Dal

  28. vinaya singh Says:

    Dear Readers,

    We are looking for people like you and need to support us on our mission to “remove corruption, save India”. Just, we need you to look for the people involved in corruption and try to bring them to law. Also, you may want to spread this word to our fellow Indians to check the corruption and find ways to punish them with help of authorities.

    Thanks & Regards,

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