I am being copied.



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  1. opinionated indian Says:

    I am hearing a lot about stuff like this recently. This effing website byindia or whatever the hell it is should be brought down.

  2. Mariam Says:

    Polite Indian,

    Recently I saw this site which claims to protect one from plagirism. I think its worth a try.

  3. decemberstud Says:

    I tried the byindia link for your posts and it said “Teh page has been banned”. So, I guess someone complained…maybe you.

    And, it looks like it’s main objective is “search” (oh, how innovative!). At least that’s what the home page looked like. So, I guess copying blogs get them (or at least they hope) more ad revenue ? Just guessing here….

  4. Trevor Says:

    Let me express my apologies for the automated site scraping that you are complaining about. We have been attacked by a malicious coder’s spyder and, as soon as we could, have fixed the situation. The entire turn around time between your first complaint arriving in our mailboxes and having all of the sites that you’ve mentioned on this list removed was less than a week.

    I know that in terms of internet time, that may seem like a very long time indeed, but especially given the time differences between America and India and the ensuing complications that always adds to communications, we have handled this as quickly as possible. The blogs no longer contain any content, although the blog’s address is still taken. The blog without content has been left up to prevent your site from getting spidered again.

    This attack of automated site scraping on our blog service was clearly manufactured to damage our reputation with the Indian internet community. I hope that it has not done so in this case. We at Web2Corp still feel that ByIndia.com represents the best search engine and social network for Indians and by Indians and welcome you or any of your friends to try it out whenever you feel like it.

    Thank You,
    Trevor Longino
    Communications Director, Web2Corp.

  5. Krishworld Politics » Blog Archive » India’s web 2.0 scene Says:

    […] I really pity India’s Web 2.0 entrepreneurs. On one hand we have companies like Zoho trying to compete with Google. On the other hand we have a troll site claiming to be next digg, a video site made out of $50 PHP script claiming to be next Youtube and now this. It seems they have taken full content out of other people’s blogs without their permission. There is a site that is tracking this company. Check it out here. Thanks to Polite Indian for the news. If our public is going to think that the troll sites and sites that copy are innovative products, I pity India. There is no point in whining that Indians are not respected elsewhere. […]

  6. Polite Indian Says:

    @Opinionated Indian
    This is becoming a problem but if individuals do then that is a little different than corporations doing it. It is 100% guaranteed that a company who plagiarises is bound to fail. In this world where information travels this fast plagiarism can never be a model for success.

    CopyScape can not protect as in prevent from being copied but it can let you know if you are being copied.

    So far I didn’t complain but I guess Hindu Mommy did. Maybe that’s what caused them to take action. as you can also see by Trevor’s comment they are trying to rectify the mistake.

    I accept your apology. It is good that you are making effort to clarify yourself on these blogs. It is good that you guys are trying to come clean on the issue. In this age you can never succeed by plagiarising. For a web 2.0 company it is very important to understand that their reputation is the only thing tha can keep them going. Anything like this is definitely not the route you guys should be taking.

  7. hindumommy Says:

    Polite Indian:

    Thanks for blogging about ByIndia. It is the most effective way to increase awareness and make them accountable for their actions

  8. Manisha Says:

    I don’t think Web2 has much of a choice than to counter this directly where it is being discussed. I must say it would have been in their favor to say: we messed up; we should have made oru platform more robust and not allowed auto-creation of blogs.

    Instead, they are saying – at least in the email I got – that our content needs to be better protected by our service providers. What is worse is that the CEO or whoever is writing as him says that they cannot differentiate genuine blogs from the auto-created blogs.

    Yikes! And this is going to be India’s answer to Baidu?!

  9. DesiPundit » Archives » Are you being plagiarized? Says:

    […] Polite Indian, whose blog is among the ones plagiarized, raised this issue; in the comments section, Trevor Longino, a ByIndia official, blames it on a “malicious coder’s spyder”, and says they “have fixed the situation”. They may have ‘fixed’ the blogs that have been flagged by Got Copy?, but a cursory check led me to some more: […]

  10. Polite Indian Says:

    @ hindumommy
    It is indeed the most effective way. Now that DesiPundit has linked to this a lot more people will find out about this.

    First of all let me thank you for bringing this to our notice.
    You are right that if they messed up they should own it and apologize. But the good part is that they are apologizing even though they are giving a different reason.
    The thing about “our content needs to be better protected by our service providers”, I think such a statement can come only from a person who intends to make a living by stealing. It is totally ridiculous.
    This company won’t go far if it continues like this.

  11. silkboard Says:

    This is shocking but not surprising. How many of these can you really trace and track?

  12. Polite Indian Says:


    It is indeed shocking and you right that is not possible to track sites like these. I guess such sites will have to automatically correct themselves because plagiarism can never be a key to success.

  13. Nita Says:

    There are also individual sites which copy the whole post, instead of just a link. They give you credit though. I feel it’s not correct as per blogging ethics. However when I complained in two cases,the response I got was ‘We are giving you credit aren’t we?’
    They didn’t think it was wrong, even though their site was full of ads!
    There are also some sites which do not have any original content at all. They only give links…Wordpress people call them splogs. And the ones who run these sites are called sploggers. The WordPress Forum explains what sploggers are – they are those who want to make money from other people’s posts.
    This ofcourse does not include blog aggregaters (Is that what they are called?) like Blogstreet or Digg or Indian Pad. These sites are authentic and genuine and are run completely by the users.
    However, any site which is not run by the users and the owners/owner of the site simply give links to other people’s sites (meaning blogs, not news portals) with a one or two line comments are called splogs.
    Beware of splogs and sploggers. They are usually people who want to make some easy money.

  14. Polite Indian Says:

    Thanks for the info.

    People trying to make quick money by any means will always exist. I think we have to be careful. I don’t think we can do a whole lot other than maybe dedicating a blog to sploggers Hall of Shame 🙂

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