Is this the first time?


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  1. p Says:

    Lets hope this will not be the last time 🙂

  2. Polite Indian Says:


    I definitely hope so too.

    I hope this starts a trend of taking to task the celebrities and high profile people accused of wrongdoings.

    But India is strange, lots of people have already started praying for Sanjay Dutt.

  3. p Says:

    i wonder why those people on streets in front of camera support Sanjay. Why do people are so eager in condemning the courts and judicial system. are they venting out their frustration in this form.
    Why dont these educated people understand that the court has punished Sanjay and not munnabhai.
    What else these people know about Sanjay?

  4. atlantean Says:

    Even Navjot Singh Sidhu has been convicted.

    This is really good. We’ve been having a lot of convictions lately. Are we looking at some sort of change in our judicial system finally?

  5. p Says:

    This news in Rediff made me really angry. what the fuck is the money associated with the Tv programs of sidhu. what do rediff want to convey me.

  6. Polite Indian Says:

    This is definitely a good sign. I sincerely hope that this conviction of guilty continues regardless of the personal status of the accused. This will go a long way in reducing the high headedness of the celebrities.

    About the rediff news, I don’t know what their intention was but I was happy reading the news article. This is because in addition to the direct punishment Sidhu will be facing a lot of indirect punishment in terms of monetary loss.
    Sidhu is going to appeal in the superior court anyway, so it will be a while before he gets to see the punishment only after that will this rediff article make any sense.

  7. p Says:

    I am very sad to read that news. Common people will take the news in the wrong way and sympathize with the guilty.

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