Income Tax Dept Urges Not To Pay Bribe


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  1. utcursch Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Missed it in ToI.

  2. p Says:

    who the hell are paying for these advertisements 🙂
    can these ads make any difference?

  3. Polite Indian Says:

    I guess it comes from the tax payers money.

    I guess the ads might make a difference. The first step to fighting corruption is information. An informed citizen is better equipped to fight such menace.

    This particular ad also urges people to pay tax and relax. So I guess it serves dual purpose.

  4. Income Tax advertizement « E-Nagar Says:

    […] Now this is what I call a great Advertisement. – Source […]

  5. Apun Ka Desh Says:

    This adv. is so IRONICAL!!

    It pretty much accepts that the Babu’s and Clerks in Income Tax department are CORRUPT, and Bribe Takers.

    Why didn’t they publish an advertisement stating any Clerk/Babu of Income Tax department harassing a citizen, will be Severely Punished by being thrown out of the job and into the jail!!

    A Gimmick Ad.. by Tax Payer’s Money.

  6. opinionated indian Says:

    Critics and Pessimists are all you see on the blogosphere. Rather than complimenting a good ad, the discussion always veers to – “is this going to make any difference” and the same people that say this are the first ones lining up to pay bribes…

    Can’t help but be cynical at such ignoramuses and pseudo moralistic people…

  7. Polite Indian Says:

    opinionated indian,
    I think you will find all sorts of people and it is important to have pessimists and critics. I think they have their own place and play a significant role in shaping up the society.

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