Khairlanji Massacre


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  1. Avinash Says:

    all the accused should be hang publicaly…so that in future such incidents should never happens.

  2. atlantean Says:

    India sucks anyway…

  3. Polite Indian Says:

    Hanged? No.
    Severely punished. Yes

    Yes India does suck in issues like these.

    BTW, Good to see you back. How were your exams?

  4. salil Bhalerao Says:

    Atleast now, those who say that the minorities are ruling this country will know the real facts and if left with some shame will understand that why we still are minorities.

  5. santosh IIT Says:

    In rural India hundreds of such cases of attrocities against dalits go unreported.
    this issue would also have got probably got burried if it was not related to the relatively aware buddhists.
    In urban India (cities) we get a certain degree of anonimity but in major part of rural India our people are still considered untouchable .
    and on top of this the Media of this country is biased.
    and now recently from the ‘creamy layer judgement of the Supreme court ‘it is clear that judiciary is also biased .
    We also face grave unemployment problems.
    We have to find out the future solutions to all these problems but the guiding principles still remain EDUCATE UNITE AGITATE…

  6. atlantean Says:

    Polite Indian,

    Sorry for replying late. My exams werent that good.

    Let’s pray to God the perpetrators of this barbarity (barbarity is a gross understatement!) are brought to justice. It’s a blot on India and all Hindus. If they arent brought to justice, it’ll be a NATIONAL SHAME! I dont want to start off another debate on capital punishment but I feel those who did all this should be hanged again and again. This case is a good opportunity to make an example. They should be sentenced to death and the verdict should be PUBLICISED like hell!

    Nothing else is going to ameliorate the grief that was caused against that family and the entire Dalit community… grief that was caused to all humanity. We must keep the fire burning in the blogopshere and not rest till these reptilian beasts are brought to justice.

  7. Polite Indian Says:

    Sorry to hear about your exams but belive your assesment of how you did vs UPSC’s assesment can be way different. So keep your fingers crossed.

    As for Khailanji, I think the perpetrators should be given the highest punishment and I agree that the verdict should be publicised. This I think is key. More than the form of punishment given, the publicity about the punishment will do more good than the punishment itself.

    The blogosphere did a decent job in reporting and opining on the incident. I think Shivam is doing a great job following up on this issue.
    We should do everything in our capacity to ensure that justice is served.

  8. m w lokhande Says:

    they must be punished unto death nd obc’s must learn that they are given facilities of education etc. they shud be enlightened that those are their brethren . obcs are doing all this illdeeds beacause of illitercy nd their brains are not their brains but are enslaved by brahmnical mentality.even they are SHUDRA they think they are uppercaste.they must be punished.

  9. ashish sahay Says:

    this really shows how far we r from the dream of comoplete we can can dream about the developed india by 2020 when such a kind of backwardness is still present in our society.we realy need to focus this matter and better give our rural and backward regions a complete human growth by mean of sound education.

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