Rape Victim in Khairlanji and the desi-blogosphere



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  1. Confused Says:

    Polite Indian,

    I did not ”made” it an issue of victim’s privacy. It is an issue of victim rights, and I am sorry if you cannot appreciate that.

    Yes, I agree name calling serves no purpose, and if I have indulged in it, then my apologies. But calling a spade a spade, in my view is perfectly okay.


  2. Polite Indian Says:


    You are right in calling a spade a spade.
    This very well could be a victim’s privacy issue but then again that could be subjective.
    You are being so righteous about it that you even concluded as to why Shivam would go to this extent of posting such horrific pictures.

    So why would Shivam publish such a photograph? I will tell you why: because they are Dalits. Just like their dignity and sanctity of their lives was lost on the murderous mob, so is their dignity immaterial to Shivam. Because they are easy victims who can be exploited and used to advance one’s agenda.

    It is personal remarks like these that could be counter productive to any argument you put forward.

  3. Krish Says:

    I agree with you that these debates have taken the focus out of the issue. I thought that Shivam was trying to do a good job of bringing attention to the gory murder and these guys had used personal vengeance to take a cheap shot on Shivam. In the name of protecting the dead person’s rights, they are intruding on Shivam’s right to publish what he deems fit.

    Anyhow, I was pissed of with the National Media’s apathy towards such atrocities and I was happy that blogosphere will try to highlight these issues. But attempts by certain group to discredit Shivam for highlighting a good cause pissed me off. Probably, I should have ignored their cheapshots and focussed on the core issue.

  4. p Says:

    I totally agree with your points. every blogger wants to see what he/she can get from an issue. I believe photographs of the victims in natural calamities like tsunami and quake and of people injured in bomb blast is totally different form this case

  5. Their motives and mine at National Highway Says:

    […] Another charge is that I did it for hits. Evidence: I even left a comment at GB’s saying my blog has pictures. This charge about being hits-hungry has been made by GB himself, and also by another esteemed member of the Indian blogosphere. He has compared me to Aaj Tak, and somewho my posting of pictures on a blog makes me answerable to him not in my capacity as a blogger but in my capacity as a journalist. This blogger gives it away in his post that he has been no great fan of mine, and the fact that he is exploiting an opportunity to get back to me is not lost on anyone who has followed the Indian blogosphere. But if he’s happy I’ll let him be happy with his pettiness. But I’m glad that such pettiness has also been noted by more independent voices in the blogsophere. […]

  6. amit malge Says:

    This is an INHUMAN deed .

  7. Beau Peep Says:

    The desi bloggers are a bunch of immature keyboard pokers. What was wrong with the pics?

    Remember, if not for the pics, the protests and subsequent CBI investigation into the case would not have been possible.

    This is why.

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