Another Death Penalty


2 Responses to “Another Death Penalty”

  1. namma nadu Says:

    i think its not right to abolish the death penalty. In this particular case, there is a need for capital punishment so that it is clearly established that cold blooded rape and murder are shown to be dealt with strictly. Just remember that Priyadarshini Matoo could have been your or my sister.

  2. Polite Indian Says:

    Namma Nadu,
    I can understand the rage that one would go through if this were to happen to one’s sister. But even then I would not support death penalty. In my view life imprisonment is as strong a punishment as death penalty.

    Imagine if a relative of Priyadarshini had killed Santosh Kumar Singh, you would find many people who would have justified that act but to me that would be a crime.
    The point is the amount of rage one has against a criminal cannot justify the amount of punishment.

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