Check for Rs 3.00 as Diwali Gift? F***ing Ridiculous


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  1. Indiamusing Says:

    Thank you for pointing out to such issues. Giving money through cheques is a good thing since it keeps the system clear and brings accountability but someone should have thought about the overall solution and not just one part of the solution. Maybe SBI or some of the nationalised banks should help farmer open accounts free when compensation like this is given. I also blog @

  2. Apun Ka Desh Says:

    This is a big joke. In all probability the money was eaten away be intermediaries and clerks. Even to get these Rs, Rs 10 cheques, farmers were in all probability been forced to pay bribes.

    Is this what govt. service is all about? What a shame.

  3. Polite Indian Says:

    I don’t think the issue here is whther the bank allows opening free accounts for these farmers. The biggest shocker to me is, how can someone even come with an idea of issuing a check in the amount of Rs. 3.00? What kind of relief can that provide? It is a display of the fact that the govt. really doesn’t care about people.

    Apun Ka Desh:
    It is indeed a big joke and that too a cruel one. I agree that the money has been eaten away by the officials…people with no conscience whatsoever.

  4. Sunita Says:

    It surely is a shame to the people of the country and even more to the government who printed these petty cheques.

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