Sign the petition and save these women who would be stoned to death


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  1. atlantean Says:

    It’s really sad what these selfappointed gods of righteousness do in the name of religion. Stoning to death is an anachronism in the 21st century. I have just signed those petitions and hope the “sentence” will be reduced to more humane punishment, atleast death by hanging or injection (if the crime committed is that severe.)

    PS: I just wrote: why clemency should be denied to Afzal. Maybe you’d like to check it out.

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Polite Indian Says:

    I read your post and left a comment there as well.

    Basically capital punishment is not the way to go in any civilised society. It never is a deterrent and never will be.

    Thanks for signing the petitions and I do hope that their sentences get reduced.

  3. Thiagan Says:


    PI- I have signed the petition. Do you still want to debate whether Islam is a religion of peace and whether it can be a costituent of a civil society. I am campaigning that it cult of murder and it should be defeated like Marxism.

  4. Polite Indian Says:


    Thanks for signing the petition.

    BTW, I don’t think there is a disagreement whether there are violent elements in the quran or there are violent(inhuman) laws in Islamic countries. I think the disagreement between you and me is that you don’t think that there can be any reform in the Muslim world whereas I think there can be. Anyway, let’s continue this on the other thread.

  5. Thiagan Says:


    The plea by a 26 year old woman in Malaysia, an ethnic Indian, the news published in The New Indian Express of date, clearly exposes the double speak of the muslims. The lady,called Jamaliah, revealed:
    > She was born to Hindu parents; both father and mother were Hindus. The father converted to Islam to marry a second time, a muslim lady. Her mother separated from the family and the lady was living with the father and the step mother. She was living like a Hindu and she wants to marry a Hindu.
    > She can not marry her Hindu boy friend, unless she converts to Hinduism
    > Malaysia is considered to be moderate muslim country and no muslim can change his religion. Others can convert to Islam
    > The judicial system is two tiered; sharia courts for the muslims and secular civil courts for the others
    > The top civil court ruled in the case of Lina Joy, a muslim, who wanted to convert to Christianity, that the matter is to be settled by the sharia court. In Islam a muslim who leaves Islam is an apostate and is punishable by death.
    > Sharia court is unlikely give her permission to become a Hindu and marry her Hindu boy friend and in all likelihood, will send her to prison like rehabilitation camp to learn the evil effects of leaving Islam
    > She has already attempted a suicide and may do so again

    Muslims impose theocracy, when they are a majority and deny secularism, fundamental rights, religious freedom etc to other minorities and demand all the above and Sachar committee and more,when they are in minority. This is clearly unacceptable. This is 2007 and if you still believe that there can be internal reform movement in Islam and it can also succeed, you are a great believer

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