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  1. Rajiv Says:

    hey.. nice blog.. i didnt see an about page so i put my comment here. are you in bangalore?

  2. politeindian Says:

    No I am not in bangalore.

  3. Ummair Peer-zada Says:

    First of all who is India and Pakistan to make decisions of our fate? We are different in culture and geography than rest of India and Pakistan. Both Pakistan and India are bullies in the eyes of Kashmiris and for your kind information more than 135000 kashmiris have been killed by Indian army in last decade. On the other side Pakistan is holding our part. We do not want any of them, we want freedom and independence. It is not about religion it is their land which are kashmiris fighting for.

  4. Polite Indian Says:

    I can understad your desire to be free and independent but believe me the situation is so out of control that you like it or not, Pakistan and India will decide the fate of the Kashmiris.

    The sad part is that there is no serious willingness on either side to resolve the thorny issue.

  5. Thiagan Says:


    Ummair Peer Zada says that India has no claim on Kashmir, after having killed thousands of soldiers, eight lacs Hindus and after making three lacs Hindus refugees in their own home land. I am not considering the thousands of crores of money swindled by the people thereat nor the terror attacks made in India.

    One possible solution India may accept is
    > merger of Jammu and Ladakh into a Union Territory
    > ethnic cleanse the area of all muslims and send them to the valley
    > settle the pundits in the UT and make a law that the area is a no go zone for muslims
    > leave the fate of the valey to the dictates of merciful Allah

    If it is not about religion, why the pundits were driven out; why foregin militants are allowed to fight; why they call it as a jihad; why the terrorism is justified on religious grounds.

    Islam and violence is inseparable, ingrained and intrinsic and I request Ummair to read my other comments and respond.

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