Save Nirali


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  1. Shankari Says:

    I am so glad that we r doing this, hope our readers go & see if they are a match.I have done the same too

  2. politeindian Says:

    Yes Shankari. I am going to do the same this weekend in the Edison, NJ area.

    I have also forwarded a chain email to whoever I know and hopefully somebody will be able to help.

  3. politeindian Says:

    Yesterday I got myself enrolled in the database. Let us hope for the best now

  4. Krishworld Politics » Blog Archive » Help this kid or please spread the word Says:

    […] From Polite Indian’s Blog She needs a bone marrow donation from a Indian/South Asian donor. Since Indians are a minority race in USA, in the national marrow registry, there aren’t as many Indians registered and as a result, the possibility of a match is much less for patients of Indian origin. There’s no organized marrow registry in India either that we can look for a match in. […]

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