The Flip Side Of Creamy Layer


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  1. realitycheck Says:

    Polite Indian,

    You are absolutely right regarding the mechanics of the creamy layer.

    Two other very important reasons.

    1. As more people are excluded due to the creamy layer criterion, the more people fall out of the vote banks.

    2. More and more segments of people will demand a closer study of the system.

    3. Since most politicians and their relatives fall in the creamy layer, their personal vested interests will be minimized.

    4. It would remove some crazy anomalies that are getting worse everyday. Take the case of IT workers in TN, by the time their kids come to college, they have lived in many parts of the world, enroll in the most elite schools here, take vacations in exotic parts. If the creamy layer is not excluded, the entire quota will become farcical if the kids of this person get admission.

    5. The above example is not a borderline or extreme case. There are enough OBC candidates who fit the above profile to fill all the seats many times over.–>

  2. mineguruji Says:

    the only objective of the upper caste thugs is to scuttle the OBc quota and nothing else. what they want is to enjoy the power and pelf and the hegemony their ancestors have left with them. these people are very powerful and clever and they want us to be theiur servants forever.
    Nothing but a revolution will save us and India from these people.

  3. politeindian Says:

    I can see a lot of hatred in your posts for the so called upper caste. There might be very valid reasons for that, but I don’t think this kind of hatred is going to take us towards any kind of solution. A solution to the existing social problem can not be achieved by an attitude of “revenge”.
    What we need, are policies of assimilation and not segregation. We definitely need a revolution but that is against the caste system and not against any particular caste. This caste based name calling and hatred needs to end if we have to move towards any kind of social justice.

    BTW, you didn’t mention whether you agree with the conclusions of the article or not?

  4. confused Says:


    The actual number of OBC might be closer to around 20% rather than 27%. But the point is beside that, if we are going to have reservations then atleast they should benefit the real needy.

    And don’t worry about mineguruji and such folks, they have no interest in any facts.

  5. Creamy Layer…What about them? « Polite Indian Says:

    […] My personal stand is that Creamy Layer should be excluded from the purview of reservation benefits. One of the main reason is as I explained here. There are other reasons why they should be excluded. […]

  6. minenotguruji Says:

    mineguruji: You want to get the education from the monehy payed as taxed to the governament. Until the reservations are dismatlaed India will be the pooerest conuntry… Come and work and dont be lazy…….

    I truly agree with the concept..

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